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Top Notch Moving offers services that cater to the dynamic needs of Realtors and their clients.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

How "Top Notch Moving" Made a Mark on United Real Estate in Fair Lawn, NJ

When it comes to moving companies, testimonials from industry leaders can make all the difference. Todd, a partner at United Real Estate North Jersey, recently shared his personal experience with "Top Notch Moving," and it's a story worth telling.


A Testimonial Worth Sharing

During a recent team meeting, Todd couldn't help but praise the exceptional service he received from "Top Notch Moving." He said, "I personally used this company, and I was so impressed with how they operated. I was completely blown away. I've moved a few times and I've had some problems, but these guys are top-notch just like their name."

It's not every day that you find a moving company that impresses a seasoned business owner. Todd's experience speaks volumes, showcasing the company's professionalism and dedication to service. But he didn't stop at just commending their work; he recommended "Top Notch Moving" to his entire United Real Estate family in Bergen County NJ.

Top Notch Moving offers services that cater to the dynamic needs of Realtors and their clients.


The Importance of Preferred Vendors

The sentiment was echoed by another speaker who emphasized the value of having a trusted circle of preferred vendors. "It's about the experience," he explained, "where you have somebody who moved and they're raving about this company. You recommend the company that somebody is very happy with. They're more likely to recommend you."

This idea of mutual support and the ripple effect of referrals highlights an important aspect of the real estate business. Whether it's a lender, attorney, or mover, having a professional team you can vouch for not only reflects well on your business but also enhances your client's experience.


Moving Forward with Confidence

Todd's endorsement of "Top Notch Moving" reinforces the company's reputation for excellence. As real estate professionals, we understand the impact that a single recommendation can have, especially when it comes from a trusted source. "Top Notch Moving" is more than just a service provider; they're a key player in the real estate ecosystem, helping to facilitate smooth transitions and cement lasting relationships.

If you're in the market for a reliable moving company, consider the one that has United Real Estate's seal of approval. After all, a recommendation from Todd is not given lightly.


Realtors, streamline your clients' moving process with Top Notch Moving and Storage, LLC.

Call us at 201.518.0169 for a complimentary onsite estimate. We specialize in making moves stress-free and efficient, from the initial planning to the final setup. Partner with us for seamless transitions that enhance your client's real estate experience!

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