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I had enough stuff to sink a ship.

The client was exceptionally impressed with the team's dedication and hard work during her previous move.

Coming from a 6-bedroom, 4-bath house where she raised 5 kids over the past 37 years, she faced the monumental task of relocating countless memories and items. She humorously remarked, "I had enough stuff to sink a ship."

Despite having only 6 weeks to vacate and the 6+ EXTRA hours required on moving day, the team worked tirelessly from morning till night. She was in awe of their capability to fit all her belongings into her new home and considers them "miracle workers."

We at Top Notch Moving and Storage are deeply grateful that she entrusted us with her valuable belongings and memories.

A year on, we are back and ready to assist her with her next move within Bergen County. We look forward to serving her and her family in the future.

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